Red Sea

A tropical Sea surrounded by desert lands. Underwater walls diving straight into intense blue depths. Cristal clear water letting the desert sunlight penetrate way below you can go… You never can see the bottom. You just see this blue. Unique. 

Among the hundreds of different fish living there, you meet quite often big groups of these Scalefin Anthias  (pseudoanthias squamipinnis) whose numerous females are orange. What a striking contrast with the unique blue of this sea ! Males colors are dull in comparison. Anyway, you notice only few of them…

This painting is so big i had to work step by step, layer after layer… and every step almost took a day so i was able to take pictures of the work in progress quite regularly (every evening).

Having those pictures, I could do a little movie to show the progression. Here it is:

This painting is a commission, so it’s already sold…

“Red Sea” – Oil on Canvas – 100 x 180 cm (sold (France))


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