The Dunraven shipwreck

The Dunraven was an english transport ship that sunk near Sharm-El-Sheikh, in Egypte, in the late XIXth century. After being cut all along the hull, it sunk on a bed of sand 20 meters deep, completely upside down.

I was lucky enough to visit this marvellous wreck and to stay 2 minutes alone at the bottom of it, enjoying in a perfect quietness the view on was now seems an enormous http://pharmaplanet.net/viagra.html room with incredible light. It looks like a church, and feels even more magic !

Obviously, this emotion led me to paint it… and oil painting was the ideal technique to reveal both the graduations in light and the details in the darker areas…

So, here it is !

 “Wreck of the Dunraven”, oil painting on wood panel, 30×40 cm (480€) 


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