feline Rendez-vous

Burano, tiny island in the Venitian lagoon. Its houses are painted in all the possible colors. And even some in impossible colors… like this green one !

I tried this painting the “American” way : to block-in the surface to go as straight as possible to the colors. This keeps the shiny green very luminous and make me understand the chromatic or values errors instantly. For example how green should be the shade under the pine tree… It’s a fast and efficient approach.

I like Burano at siesta time. It’s so quiet !

To have a lively painting and get something happening here, i invited a couple of cats (the number one animal in this city’s history). They’re about to meet at the corner of the house…

“Feline Rendez-Vous” – Oil painting on canvas (30x30cm) – Sold (France)


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