Fisherman’s Hut – IV

Back to Venice, Italy, with this fisherman’s hut you can see near Pellestrina island. And yes, I did paint other 3 before this one…

Perspective is flattened like viewed from far away, and the main subject is invading the whole canvas :  typically my style of composition…

The double square is divided in three parts : on the left, the sun hits hard the facade, in the middle, the side of the building is all in a warm shade, and on the right third, the platform let us look far away where the lagoon merges with the sky. The light blue surfaces are really flat, like abstract. After a while, you realize you don’t look at the painting anymore but just through it. It’s meditation time, like if you where really at sea… Breathe deeply !

“Fisherman’s Hut – IV”, oil on canvas, 30×60 cm (sold)


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