Puerto Natales, 22:55

First evening in Puerto Natales, beyond 51 degrees of southern latitude. Early december is the austral spring : the sun barely sets before 11PM ! This is so late that the urban lights are already on before the night. You don’t know if it’s day or night anymore… it’s just looking like a mix !

The sky gets greenish, with purple clouds. The gulf waters are still slightly shining while the land seems so black. The orange lights of the city underline the public spaces. Just before us, a workshop is lit by cold neon lights instead. A window on its roof reflects the fading memory of a blue sky…

This is a very small painting because I just wanted to give a try to those unusual light ambients… curiosity, you know…

“Puerto Natales, 22:55” – Oil painting of canvas board (10x15cm) – 150 €

Puerto Natales 22:55

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