Lake Sköttsberg

Welcome in the Torres del Paine National Park, south of Chile, on the iconic W trek.
Before walking up the Valley of he French, you walk along Lake Sköttsberg, which grey surface is blown by the unremitting wind.
This lake being the darker of all i saw in the National Park, I decided to underline the grey fairy mood of this place. 
The shores are covered by a strange forest of dead trees. The naked trunks create a silver landscape of wooden skeletons. 

Behind this dead forest, you can see the incredible slope of Punta Bariloche, covered with a very live and green forest.

The back of the scene is the Cuernos del Paine mounts. This enormous mass of stone standing more than one mile high in front of us obliterates the sky, the sunlight and the horizon.

“Lake Sköttsberg” – oil painting on canvas board (20x30cm) – 410 €


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